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The Willerton Collection
Jeff Willerton
Author, Advocate, Entrepreneur
Below you will find four books I have authored. The first, The Erica Burton Story (2020), is short and sweet like its Holocaust surviving subject. It’s a real page turner (all 10 of them) and you can download it for free, so just click and enjoy. It's included first because of its brevity and because I don’t want you to overlook it.

The second is my 30 page autobiography, From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse, originally published in 2008. The Pulitzer committee hasn't called yet, but it's good. One woman says it's the funniest book she's ever read, and it too is on the house.
The Erica Burton Story - Book Cover
From the Poorhouse to the Penthouse Book Cover
From the Big Bang to Obama Book Cover
The third, From the Big Bang to Obama and other Things I Don’t Believe In (2011), is equally succinct. It’s the same price as the first two, and be you American, Canadian or Nepalese, you don’t want to miss this.

The fourth is what is now the COVID-19th edition of FIX CANADA (2000-2021), which is in fact the 19th edition of this book. This is a collection of columns I first penned for three small north-central Alberta newspapers back in the late '90s when a guy could get away with writing the politically-incorrect truth and still be published. These are followed by equally direct updates on the issues contained therein, and there’s enough history in the mix to make things make sense.

People have read earlier editions five, six, seven times. My record holder claims to have read the 16th edition between ten and fifteen times. (He lost count.) A reader described the 17th edition as the best twenty bucks he'd ever spent, and of the 18th a gentleman said, and I quote, "I don't read. Reading puts me to sleep. I read this in one day. Couldn't put it down. It was better than watching a movie!” You can't pay for endorsements like that!

And the COVID-19th edition is the atomic bomb compared to the series of conventional weapons that preceded it. So please click on the fourth book above and read the excerpt. (I would have included more, but with the crackdown on freedom of speech in this county I could be in a world of hurt if I did.) If you like what you read, I encourage you to call the number below and order a book for $24.95 (includes shipping and handling and all taxes). You won't be disappointed.

And while you’re awaiting delivery, feel free to read the first three books above. As I said before they’re on the house, and you’ll enjoy them too. Bon appetite!
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